Fun and active way to explore tropical rainforest

“Yes ,we ride for one rider , we just love riding! ” (Require 2 for full day)

“First to book has the say on what we do that day.”   “Group discounts available”

worlds-courseWorld’s Course, Smithfield

1/2 Day | Grade 2 to 4 | $95

Since its beginning Dans Mountain biking has been building, maintaining, guiding, racing and coaching on these trails and with recent upgrade from Glen Jacobs, World trails for future world events, the area has become even more popular.

3 trails in one, Pine Forest to eucalypt Woodlands to light Jungle, ride at your pace and enjoy the well groomed trails that have hosted local, national and  world events. Your guide will show you the best bits and fight off drop bears, single speed riders, fat bikes and Minjin (mountain Devil). Screams are often heard near AJ Hackett Bungy. Optional walk sections & easy version.

Pick-up Cairns: 9:00am  Depart AJ Bungy carpark: 9:20am
Return Cairns : 12.30
Note: Times are flexible, early am or late pm in summer.

Mulgrave Valley – Pilba Peak

1/2 Day | Grade 2 (optional 4) | $95
3/4 Day | Grade 3 to 4 | $135

Renowned for its crystal clear running streams and lush jungle. We follow the river to its source, progressing from sealed road to deep rainforest single track. Discover a secluded swimming hole (even has a rope swing). We end the ride at Pilba Peak Mountain Bike Park with a chance to test out the race course & downhill track (Grade 4/5).

1/2 Day Pick-up Cairns: 1:30pm | Return 5.00pm Note: Morning option possible
3/4 Day Pick-up Cairns: 9.00 am | Return  2.00pm (deeper jungle ride with energy food)

Crocodile Trail / Minjin Falls

3/4 Day | Grade 3 to 4 | $135

Begin with a steady climb to raise your pulse. Admire the view then hang onto the brakes for some wild downhill to an awesome waterfall. Chance to swim. After some energy food, ride on for more thrills. Note: Last reported sighting of Minjin (Mountain Devil)

Optional: Crocodile Attack Show at Hartley’s Crocodile Adventures.

Pick-up Cairns: 9:00am
Departs Hartley’s Creek: 9:45am (20 minutes south of Port Douglas)
Return Cairns: 2:00pm

bigfootBig Foot (Save $35!)

Full day COMBO | Worlds Course & Mulgrave | Grade 4 | $155

After recent sightings in the World Heritage Rainforest, it is time for riders to explore for further evidence. Enjoy winding single track, exhilarating downhill, log jumps and creek crossings.

Pick-up Cairns: 9:00am
Return: 5.00pm

Cape Tribulation

Full Day | Grade 3 | $185

Ride the Bloomfield Track, plenty of mountain streams to stop and cool off. At low tide we ride the hard packed beaches for added fun.

Pick-up Cairns: 6:30am
Pick-up Port Douglas: 7:40am

Atherton/Big Day Out

Full Day | Grade 3 to 4 | $165

Fun way to see the highlands and get to ride the popular Atherton trails. Another World trails masterpiece. Chance to swim in a volcanic lake on way home.

Pick-up Cairns: 7.30am

Mission Beach

Full Day | Grade 2 | $ 165

Explore the region by bike, taking in some jungle trails, hard packed beach riding (overlooking Dunk Island) and a fun local bike park.

Pick-up Cairns: 7.30 am

Night Rides

Grade 3 | $95

Just when you though you had done everything in life, along comes something completely different. Imagine yourself cycling off-road at night along a trail in the rainforest. Lighting included.

Pick-up Cairns: 6:30pm
Return Cairns: 9:30pm

Custom Rides & Multi-Day Tours

We can design a ride to suit your desires. We have even taken groups to the top of Australia (Cape York). We have the necessary permits, knowledge and experience to undertake any mountain bike adventure. Other rides could include: Paluma, Blenco Falls, Davies Creek, Black Mountain Road, Twin Bridges, Bump Track (Port Douglas), CREB Track and Roaring Meg, etc.

Free Ride

Help Dan with construction and maintenance of local MTB trails and get in some riding at no charge.